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Note: Anygui is no longer being actively developed or supported. These pages are not up to date.

This table is not up to date.

GUI Platform Status Developer
Bethon (BeOS native) W Matthew Schinckel
Java Swing W Magnus Lie Hetland, Shanky Tiwari
PythonWin/win32all W Thomas Heller
PyGTK W Kalle Svensson, Dallas Johnston
Tkinter W Magnus Lie Hetland, Joe Knapka, Laura Creighton
wxPython W Thomas Heller, Magnus Lie Hetland,
Patrick K. O'Brien
PyQt W Shanky Tiwari, Dallas T. Johnston
Curses W Joe Knapka, David Mertz
Plain Text W Joe Knapka
Dynamic HTML P Alex Martelli
PyFLTK P Shanky Tiwari
PyUI P Magnus Lie Hetland
(P = Planned, W = Working)

MacOS native has been dropped for now, relying instead on backends like Tkinter and wxPython.

To get Anygui to work with BeOS, you may have to rebuild Bethon with modified versions of BTextView.dx and BWindow.dx, available here.