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Note: Anygui is no longer being actively developed or supported. These pages are not up to date.

The official Python web site.
Greg Ewing's Python GUI API Project
An early inspiration for Anygui
Cameron Laird's List of Python GUIs
Quite comprehensive list of candidate backends for Anygui
Anygui in "Charming Python" at IBM
An article about Anygui by Dr. David Mertz
Anygui on Slashdot
A mention of Dr. Mertz's article on Slashdot
CVS/SSH tutorial
A short and simple tutorial on how to use CVS with SSH, written by Amund Tveit.
Specific instructions on using CVS and SSH with SourceForge.
A project which in some ways resembles Anygui, but which is based on backends which render the widgets graphically instead of using native backend widgets.

Anygui Sightings:

Practical Python
Two chapters of this Python book are devoted to Anygui
We're mentioned in their list of GUI packages
NTNU Agent Course
Anygui suggested as GUI package for a peer-to-peer project
Google Web Directory
Mentioned along with other GUI packages
Swedish news site about free software
Digital Darknet
Some Anygui examples