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Note: Anygui is no longer being actively developed or supported. These pages are not up to date.

Should I use Anygui for my project?
Probably not. The project is no longer active and the code base (in CVS) has not reached a stable state.
Which version of Python is required for Anygui?
Anygui requires Python version 2.1 (Jython 2.1b1) or newer.
I'm having problems using CVS...
See our download and links pages for more information.
I've tried everything, but I can't use SSH with CVS on SourceForge...
Have you remembered logging in to cvs.anygui.sf.net through SSH first? (This need only be done once.) Also note that this is only for developers.
I'm having trouble with my event handlers
The way event handlers work has changed after the release of 0.1.1. To quote Practical Python (p. 339):
In Anygui releases up to and including 0.1.1, event handlers receive information in the form of keyword arguments, rather than event objects. [...] If you're using 0.1.1, simply change the event handlers from this format:
def someEventHandler(event): ...
to this:
def someEventHandler(**kwds): ...
What are these hats I keep hearing about?
They are Edward de Bono's six thinking hats, used to structure the group process of the Anygui team. (For more information, see here, or buy the book.) Here is an extremely simplified overview:
White:Objective, information, only the facts
Red:Subjective, intuition, opinions, emotions
Yellow:Objectively positive
Black:Objectively negative
Green:Creative, speculative, 'everything goes'
Blue:Meta-hat, overview, for thinking about the process